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Does Your Company Need A Website?

I am your designer Robert (Butch) Miller The answer to this is without a doubt, of course, undoubtedly, unquestionably indeed! The truth is, within a write-up in Entrepreneur magazine the article author mentioned that there are more than 20 million consumers on the internet, and 99 of 100 homes have a PC with access to the internet. Regardless of whether your product or service can't be sold on the internet, folks are still browsing for it. As an example, real-estate providers, health-related companies, dining establishments as well as plants and flowers. Many people these days’ count on business to have a Web presence, and the simple truth is it simply instills confidence in the buyer! Building a secure website presence takes knowledge and know-how. Often most people don't understand how complex it can be. For ideas of what it takes check out my
Web Design Blog.

Good Web Design Is Important to Your Business

In my opinion, it is important to create a web design plan made to fit you, as well as your company. I'm going to take the opportunity get to know you, and build a good business relationship. Web business success is achieved as a result of creating a good client/designer relationship in which you the client take part in every aspect of the design process. I am going to take the time to get to know you, and learn about your services and products. By doing this, I can certainly develop a website that reflects your organization. I can create resume websites, start-up and small company website business designs. Contact Me today

Web Site Development, 5 Reasons Why a Web Design Can Help Your Business

Superior Website Development Will Increases Your Customers Confidence in Your Business!
Correctly Designed Websites Increases Search Engine Optimization Efforts!
A Robust Business Website Maintains Brand Consistency!
Professional Website Development Maximizes the Impact of Excellent Content Material
Superior Web Design Increases Conversion Rates!

Web Sites That are not Mobile-Friendly are Penalized in Search Engine Outcomes.

On April 21st, Google came out with a significant upgrade to their mobile search algorithm formula. This algorithm changed the order by which internet sites are situated and shown in search outcomes when originating from mobile devices.

Almost 60% of online traffic now originates from mobile products; this is a significant headline that will have an effect on countless internet sites. The good news for my clients is their sites are already responsive. You now will begin seeing numerous firms charging a crazy fee for upgrades to make their clients sites mobile friendly.

You can check your site to see if it is a
mobile friendly site here. This link will open in a new window.

Search Engine Optimization Most Critical to Your Web Business

Search Engine Optimization Graphic Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is probably the most critical areas of website development. If your site can't be discovered on search engines like Google, Bing and Yahoo then what good will it be? Social Media Marketing is one of the fundamental pillars in SEO. After I develop your website, I incorporate Social Networking into your site. If you don't know about social media and how to use it, I will teach you the basics. Furthermore, I can provide your business with social networking administration at very affordable price ranges. Updating several social networking sites usually takes hours from your organization, and wouldn't you rather want to do something that is more proactive and enjoyable, like running your business.

Web Site Design and Development Personal and Uniquely Yours

Innovative website design and style is exactly what I do; I don't use cookie-cutter web site templates for your Web business design. Numerous web-site designers will make use of a mass produced web template for your site, however, not me. With me as your website designer, your custom made website design is a unique one-of-a-kind work of INTERNET artwork. I don't offer you cheap sites just because, your company warrants nothing less than a superior web page design, which is internet search engine friendly and enhanced for the World Wide Web.


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